Peter Smith’s Logic Matters blog. Logic, philosophy of maths, music, other enthusiasms and occasional rants. Latest posts: "Burgess, Rigor and Structure -- 1" on 24 March; "Blue Monica" on 18 March; "A little problem in high school geometry" on 16 March.


Notes and Papers. This page links to various notes, handouts, draft papers, book reviews and so on from the last few years, of rather varying levels of sophistication and difficulty (but all should be accessible to those who already know a bit of logic).


Categories. A new page (at an early stage of construction) but with a link to my evolving Notes on Category Theory, to a reading list, and — coming soon —  some on-line resources.


Web pages to support An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems (CUP 2007/2013). Additional materials include exercises, lecture notes ‘Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears’ for philosophers, and two very short courses for mathematicians.


Web pages to support An Introduction to Formal Logic (CUP, 2003; latest corrected reprint 2013). Links to answers to exercises. But also various additional materials, overheads for lectures, worksheets, unpublished chapters.


The Teach Yourself Logic Study Guide is an annotated reading list for students who want/need to teach themselves more logic than is nowadays provided in many university courses. There are also supplements and Book Notes on various general mathematical logic texts and other books.


Logical snippets, and other advice for students. More logic help and advice in the form of short contributions first posted on math.stackexchange in answer to students’ (mostly elementary) questions. Plus some advice on writing/publishing papers. And some more advice on reading.


The LaTeX for Logicians pages, which give a brief guide to resources of interest to logicians, philosophers and others using LaTeX to produce papers or presentations, teaching materials, theses or books, and perhaps wanting to include logical matter such as natural deduction proofs.