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Absolute Generality 6: Hellman on ontologies

Hellman’s second line of argument against absolutely general quantification rests — according to the title of Section 4 of his paper — on the multiplicity of ‘factually equivalent ontologies’. The claim is that ‘The same underlying factual situation [can be] … Continue reading

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Eat your heart out …

The temperature is well into the 90s in Tuscany; rather too hot to do very much. So maybe there will be time for a little cooling philosophy. We’ll see. Meanwhile, to the next village and our favourite restaurant, La Bottega … Continue reading

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Absolute Generality 5: Hellman on extensibility

In the next section of his paper, Hellman expounds a version of the Dummett indefinite extensibility argument. You know the sort of thing! ‘Take some ordinals; then, whatever we start with, there’s an operation which gives us a new ordinal … Continue reading

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Two new logic books ….

In the last few days, I’ve got two newly published introductory logic books, both relatively short and aimed at similar audiences. One is Mathematical Logic by Ian Chiswell and Wilfrid Hodges (OUP). This is notionally targetted at third year maths … Continue reading

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Absolute Generality 4: Hellman on the problem

I’ll return to the second paper in the Absolute Generality collection, Michael Glanzberg’s ‘Context and unrestricted quantification’, in due course: but as it happens I’ve just read Geoffrey Hellman’s ‘Against “Absolutely Everything”‘, so I’ll comment on that while it is … Continue reading

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Gentzen book details

The translation of Eckart Menzler-Trott’s Gentzen book as Logic’s Lost Genius: The Life of Gerhard Gentzen is announced on the AMS website. I look forward to reading that a lot. [Added: Shawn comments that it would be good if Gentzen’s … Continue reading

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Arnie Koslow in Cambridge

Arnie has been on a flying visit to Cambridge. Always very good to see him — and great fun to go out for a long evening of wall-to-wall philosophical gossip at the excellent Riceboat. One thing which I hadn’t registered … Continue reading

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Fixing Frege

I’ve just started (re)reading John Burgess’ Fixing Frege. It is really full of useful things, but I still think what I thought on a first reading — namely that this is a pretty annoying book, as it surely could have … Continue reading

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Absolute Generality 3: Postulational modality

Well, I think I’m going to have to admit defeat. I’ve tried reading Fine’s paper for the third time and I’m still stumped by his positive claims about ‘postulational modality’. The defender of indefinite extensibility thinks that ‘whatever interpretation [of … Continue reading

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One hundred and counting …

I’ve just noticed that this will be the hundredth post: which is a landmark of sorts! So why do I bother? Hmmmm, a good question! Here’s what I officially tell myself. It’s a pretty good discipline writing notes on at … Continue reading

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