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Absolute Generality 2: Showing and saying

Suppose I think that there is something problematic about absolutely general quantification. So I try to say “You can’t quantify over absolutely everything”. But either that “everything” is absolutely general, and I’ve illustrated how you can quantify over absolutely everything … Continue reading

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Me and J.K. Rowling

Good heavens! Amazon UK reports the Gödel book this morning as 3,069 in the sales ranking. That makes me and J.K. Rowling, who lives permanently at number 1, practically neighbours. I’m preparing myself for the inevitable change of life-style. Googling … Continue reading

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Isaacson again

Hooray! A version of my talk at the Isaacson day we had in Cambridge a couple of months ago has been accepted by Analysis, and will appear in January. Michael Clark has kindly agreed to publish it as a preprint … Continue reading

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Absolute Generality 1: Kit Fine and the All in One Principle

OK, time to make a start on blogviewing Absolute Generality, edited by Augustín Rayo and Gabriel Uzquiano (OUP, 2006). As in the Church’s Thesis volume, the editors take the easy line of printing the papers in alphabetical order by the … Continue reading

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Gödel mangled

Here is E. T. Jaynes writing in Probability Theory: The Logic of Science (CUP, 2003). A famous theorem of Kurt Gödel (1931) states that no mathematical system can provide a proof of its own consistency. … To understand the above … Continue reading

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Hurry, hurry, while stocks last …

A knock on my office door an hour ago, and the porter brought in two boxes, with half a dozen pre-publication copies each of the hardback and the paperback of my Gödel book. It looks terrific. Even though I did … Continue reading

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