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As I was saying, of making many books there is indeed no end!

This time a logic recommendation. I got in the post today a copy of the recently published paperback version of José Ferreirós, Labyrinth of Thought: A History of Set Theory and its Role in Modern Mathematics. History of mathematics is … Continue reading

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Of making many books there is no end …

… and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Still, some study is a lot less wearisome, and some books a heck of a lot more fun, than the alternatives. So let me recommend Kate Belsey’s Why Shakespeare? as … Continue reading

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Atheists, quaffing wine

I mentioned two edited collections of articles in recent posts, Louise M. Antony’s Philosophers without Gods and Barry Smith’s Questions of Taste. Having now read them both, let me just very warmly recommend the first, but suggest that you might … Continue reading

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Remembrance of photos past, #2

Putting a tracker here has certainly been very good for deflating any fantasies about the number of people who might read this blog or about why they arrive here. You dream that are oodles of logic enthusiasts out in the … Continue reading

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ACA0, #3: Finite axiomatizability

Aatu (in his comment on a previous post) raises two issues, one about the finite axiomatiability of ACA0, and one about the relation between ACA0 and ACA. I think there are some conceptually slightly puzzling issues about the second issue, … Continue reading

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Remembrance of photos past, #1

Idling through the net — as one does — I just chanced on this photo of Monica Vitti. A blast from the past indeed, as I had a copy of that very shot on my wall as a student for … Continue reading

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Bourbaki and friends

I’m a great fan of Guardian Review on Saturdays, which has usually decent and sometimes terrific book reviews (and is a lot more fun than the TLS). But they did get it badly wrong this week, recommending the awful The … Continue reading

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ACA0, #2: Are the coding tricks horribly artificial?

Even before we do the fancy stuff to define the ‘reals’ in ACA0, we twice over have to use pair-codings (i.e. use natural numbers as codes for pairs of naturals) to construct first the integers and then a rational field. … Continue reading

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Another book, another blog

I need some light relief from both logic and atheism. So I’ve just ordered Barry Smith’s recent edited book Questions of Taste: The Philosophy of Wine, which promises to be both illuminating and fun. You can hear Barry talking on … Continue reading

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ACA0, #1: What are those parameters doing?

ACA0 is the two-sorted arithmetic you get when you restrict the φ(x) we can substitute into the Comprehension Scheme to those which lack bound set variables. Note, however, that banning bound set variables in φ(x) still allows free set variables/parameters … Continue reading

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