Remembrance of photos past, #2

Putting a tracker here has certainly been very good for deflating any fantasies about the number of people who might read this blog or about why they arrive here. You dream that are oodles of logic enthusiasts out in the world. But ah no, people arrive having googled for “Tesco discrimination”, “cheap universities”, “donkey philosophy”, “JK Rowling eat your heart out” … and now “photos of Monica Vitti”. Heaven knows what you all make of it!

But so as not to disappoint at least the last contingent of surfers, here is Vitti again, with Alain Delon in L’Eclisse. An earlier time-slice of me used to think they were the epitome of cool; and in fact, I rather think I still do …

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4 Responses to Remembrance of photos past, #2

  1. Richard Zach says:

    I just watched Le Samouraï. Epitome of cool, exactly.

  2. Timmo says:

    Take heart: I’m here for the logic… but epitomes of cool are good, too.

  3. Indi Logician says:

    Why is Vitti looking somewhat pissed-off? Because she discovered that ‘Alain’ is really Tom Cruise.

  4. Justin says:

    Here, Here!!!

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