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Leopard, first impressions

Leopard arrived today, in its rather cool box. And I installed it by the book — the book in question being the useful, confidence-inspiring, and very inexpensive e-book Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard. So I used SuperDuper! to clone … Continue reading

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G. C. Lichtenberg

Fellow local blogger James Warren recently posted a seemingly depressing list of “top books” listed on Cambridge students’ Facebook pages. But I’d not be too downhearted. Probably the moral is: don’t believe all you read in Facebook entries! I know … Continue reading

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The art of ordinal analysis

I’ve just come across Michael Rathjen’s 2006 paper The art of ordinal analysis. A useful and pretty clear survey.

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Not Leopard

Sigh. This was going to be the post where I gave you my calm, judicious, balanced, critical appraisal of the truly awesome OS X Leopard. So imagine my frustration — or at least, fellow macheads will be able to imagine … Continue reading

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Mocking the pomos

I was amused to (re)discover Communications from Elsewhere‘s wonderful Postmodern Generator. Just refresh the link and you are served up each time with a new generous helping of a randomly generated postmodernist-style word-salad: very clever and very funny. And yes, … Continue reading

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In bed with a Trollope

I’ve been struck down over the last few days, and – judging from previous experiences with the same unpleasantness – it will be a few more days before I’m really up and about again, and a while yet before really … Continue reading

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Anjan gets real

Continuing the project of bankrupting my readers by recommending unmissable books to buy, let me add another warm recommendation, for Anjan Chakravartty’s A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism which has just appeared on the new book shelves at the University Press’s … Continue reading

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Harmless geekery

I was going to sound off on the subject of tripos reform: but on second thoughts, it’s probably safer to indulge in harmless geekery instead. So … (roll of drums): There’s now another much bigger, much better edition of the … Continue reading

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Semantics, Toyota style

Our math logic reading group is going through Manzano’s Model Theory as therapy/revision before tackling Hodges’s Shorter Model Theory. I’m not sure that Manzano was, after all, a good choice; though equally it isn’t clear what would have served our … Continue reading

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Gödel: chapter one online

I’ve put Chapter One of my Gödel book — very short, and hopefully accessible — online at the book’s website here. Perhaps not of terrific interest to too many visitors here, as it is very introductory, but you can always … Continue reading

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