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Eating ice cream in Naples

There are noticeboards immediately outside my office, where seminars in other faculties are advertised. It’s often rather jaw-dropping what other people think it worth getting up to. For example, the History Faculty is running a series on “Consumption”, and the … Continue reading

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Blackburn, religion and respect

I have mentioned Louise M. Antony’s Philosophers without Gods before. But I have only just discovered that perhaps the best of the essays in the book — though it is a close run thing: the collection is consistently good — … Continue reading

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ACA0, #6: ACA0 vs ACA, and more

Rather than keep posting longer and longer contributions on ACA0 here, I’ve put together some thoughts on this and related stuff into the beginnings of a long draft essay. This is very much work-just-starting rather than work-in-progress, and I’m not … Continue reading

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ACA0, #5: An aside on PA + Th versus T(PA)

Suppose we bolt onto to first-order PA the axioms of Th, the arithmetization of a natural theory of a new truth-predicate T, in a way that – prima facie – shouldn’t upset even a deflationist/minimalist about truth. As we’d expect, … Continue reading

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We’re off!

We’re off! The first logic lecture of the year done. No disasters. The data projector behaved. The last slide popped onto the screen with one minute to go. I talked mostly good sense. Bits of explanation had a beginning, middle … Continue reading

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Giving it to ’em with both barrels

There’s a kind of stupidity that is, to put not too fine a point on it, morally offensive. I don’t mean common-or-garden dimness and/or a propensity for making daft mistakes (we’ve all been there!). I mean the “only I’m right … Continue reading

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Of making many books (again)

Michael Potter has just told me that the Schilpp volume on Michael Dummett is out. (Of course, the Library of Living Philosophers hasn’t been edited by Schilpp for nearly twenty years, but that’s how we still refer to the books, … Continue reading

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Suddenly there is bustle ….

After weeks when the faculty has been almost deserted apart from the admin staff, suddenly there is bustle in the philosophy grad. centre outside my room, and the place is filling up again. It is one of the main delights … Continue reading

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ACA0, #4: And what about ACA?

I’ve been trying to get my head around the significance of (i) the relation between ACA0 and ACA (the theory you get by keeping arithmetic comprehension, but allowing induction for any second-order wff) and (ii) the relation between ACA and … Continue reading

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