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CMS at twilight

I was coming out of CMS this evening and was struck, not for the first time, how terrific it looks in twilight or at night. In daylight, the buildings look relatively sober, though very handsomely done. But later it can … Continue reading

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Logical excitements …

A day that didn’t quite go to plan in a couple of ways, but still, three good logical things happened. First, I’d been given the task of updating and expanding the logicky part of the entrance test done by undergraduates … Continue reading

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Who needs an iPhone? …

… but I sure hope that this rumour is true! That would be so very useful to have.

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Soothing the troubled brow

I needed a bit of distraction after another faculty meeting. Inevitably, in my experience, as soon as departments start talking about root-and-branch reorganization of degree structures, it quickly becomes clear that the existing tolerance, more or less, of current arrangements … Continue reading

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No names, no pack-drill

I’ve just been reading four or five assorted recent articles (as it happens, a bit away from my usual logical/phil. maths stamping ground: but sometimes I feel masochistic). They were tedious, unexciting, ephemeral stuff, on issues that is difficult to … Continue reading

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ACA0 again

I’m coming round to see things like this. Despite its centrality in the reverse mathematics programme, ACA0 is in fact (as it were) conceptually unstable. For take any open sentence F(x) of the language of second-order arithmetic which may embed … Continue reading

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Such a rarity, this blogging lark!

The Guardian today estimates that there are four million bloggers in Britain alone. Yes, four million — i.e. about 15% of the twenty six million web-active people in the country. Ye gods. So much for that famed British reserve …

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So, not Manzano … but who?

(For new readers: in our math logic reading group, we are working through Maria Manzano’s Model Theory, as a warm-up exercise to tackling Hodges’s Shorter Model Theory.) Writing logic books involves all kinds of comprises and trade-offs between approachability and … Continue reading

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Callas, Tosca … and YouTube

There are some astonishing finds on YouTube, amongst all the trivial dross. Someone — no doubt breaking all sorts of copyright law, but in what a cause! — has posted the whole of the astonishing 1964 television film that was … Continue reading

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Oh no …. more geekery

I’ve just discovered — about eight months after everyone else — that WordPress (the cool alternative to Blogger for hosting/managing a blog) can handle LaTeX code, so can do nice looking logic stuff. I was already trying to resist following … Continue reading

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