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Three cheers for Jonathan Bennett

I rather doubt that it is worth teaching history of philosophy to undergraduates very early in their careers (ok, they might profitably read small gobbets, ripped from their contexts, but that’s not the same, is it?). To my mind, the … Continue reading

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Logic Options, 2: Reprise

Having given the seminar, and also found out what Michael Potter was saying about related stuff in lectures, I’ve redone/expanded the stuff on natural deduction in my reading notes on Logical Options Sec. 1.5. Each round of tinkering makes the … Continue reading

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Another day, another logic lecture

These days, I use a data-projector for all my intro logic lectures. Mostly that works really well (I mean, compared with old-school chalk-on-the-blackboard, or fiddling about with transparencies on an OHP). Still, it can lead to new kinds of foul-ups. … Continue reading

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Logic Options, 3: Reading Dummett

I’ve just been putting together the third instalment of notes on Logical Options. In part these briefly comment on some things in the first half of Bell, DeVidi and Solomon’s Chapter 2, and review some key definitions (preparatory to doing … Continue reading

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Kilvert’s Diary

The Guardian last weekend had a piece on Kilvert’s Diary which recounted the distressing history of the wanton destruction of the most of the originals, with only a small fraction published. It also claimed ‘The one-volume abridgement, published by Penguin, … Continue reading

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Theories, models and Galois Connections

Our second meeting of the Model Theory Reading Group, and Nathan Bowler — a category theory PhD student — gave a terrific overview talk taking us through the rest of the second chapter of Hodges. Moreover, he briefly introduced us … Continue reading

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An Even Shorter Model Theory

Justin Bledin, a grad student at Berkeley who gave a paper today at the conference here, has a useful seeming 35 page set of notes on material drawn from Chang and Keisler, and from the shorter Hodges, outlining some of … Continue reading

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Superdegree theories of vagueness

The first day of the first Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics. It seems to be going quite well. I was responding briefly to the first paper, by Elia Zardini, on a kind of degree theory … Continue reading

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Stewart Shapiro, “Computability, Proof, and Open-Texture”

It was my turn briefly to introduce the Logic Seminar yesterday, and we were looking at Stewart Shapiro’s “Computability, Proof, and Open-Texture” (which is published in Church’s Thesis After 70 Years). I’ve blogged about this before, and although I didn’t … Continue reading

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Starting the shorter Hodges

First model theory seminar today. We were just limbering up reading the first chapter and a bit into the second chapter. It fell to me to try to say something to introduce the reading — difficult as nothing very exciting … Continue reading

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