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Logical Options, 2

Here are the reading notes for the second session on Logical Options. These are focussed on the discussion in Section 1.5 of styles of proof for propositional logic (other than trees/semantic tableaux), namely axiomatic, natural deduction, and sequent proofs. I’ve … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Mathematics: Five Questions

I’ve mentioned before the now newly published Philosophy of Mathematics: Five Questions, in which some twenty eight philosophers, logicians and mathematicians respond to a bunch of questions related to how they see the current state of the philosophy of mathmatics. … Continue reading

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Over the holiday season, the reviews pages were full of lists of books of the year (inexplicably, no-one thought to do a list of “best books on Gödel’s theorems in 2007”). I’ve read embarrasingly few of the listed books, though … Continue reading

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Godard … and model theory

Two more books from the CUP sale. One is David Wills’ Jean-Luc Godard: Pierrot le Fou in the Cambridge Film Handbooks series, which should be a fun read. Shame that there are no colour stills suggesting the amazingly vibrant look … Continue reading

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Three cheers for the CUP bookshop sale

Ah, it is that time of year again: so off to gather up some absolute bargains at the CUP bookshop sale. Notionally, they are flogging off ‘damaged’ books: but the Press has a remarkably idealized view of what counts as … Continue reading

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