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Forthcoming attractions …

And what happened to my “blogview” of Absolute Generality? Good question! I’ve been a bit snowed under. But I plan to get back to that — at long last — next week, finishing looking at the papers in the book, … Continue reading

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Gödel corrections/exercises

I’m updating the list of errors/infelicities in my Gödel book which I’ve been told about or have found myself. Thanks to those of you who both spotted typos and took the trouble to tell me about them! — and especial … Continue reading

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Cost benefit analysis

One paper, read to the Jowett Society, Oxford. Costs. A day and a half putting the talk together (relatively quick, as the talk was about Church’s Thesis, which I’ve written about before in my Gödel book, and here on the … Continue reading

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Gödel book reprinting …

I’ve just heard that the pbk of my Gödel book is almost sold out and there will be a reprint. I’ve got until the end of next week to make very minor corrections (so I’ll correct a couple of dozen … Continue reading

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Mathematics, Models and Modality

Another instalment in my continuing not-very-subtle campaign to bankrupt my readers by recommending unmissable books! I’ve just picked up from the CUP Bookshop a copy of John P. Burgess’s new Mathematics, Models and Modality. It collects fourteen of his papers … Continue reading

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Logical Options, 5/6

I’ve put another (revised and expanded) instalment of my reading notes on Logical Options on-line here. Last week’s and this week’s seminars are on Section 3.1 on “Postulate systems”, i.e. axiomatic theories. Again the notes have been dashed off pretty … Continue reading

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I wish I’d said that …

A terrific remark by Louise Antony, writing on Ask Philosophers: I’m the kind of atheist who thinks that God most respects people who apportion their beliefs to the evidence. I wish I’d said that!

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Asking another philosopher

I’ve admired the Ask Philosophers site for a while. The concept seems a brilliant one. And I’ve been much impressed by the quality of many of the responses from philosophers (not least, of course, from the sadly missed Peter Lipton) … Continue reading

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I must stop reading!

I’m trying to sort out my study at home a bit. Though “study” is a bit of a misnomer — each time I’ve moved job it has been from a less expensive to a more expensive part of the country … Continue reading

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Who knows what these ratings mean …

… but in the “Education” section on, Logic Matters is rated at no. 2 out of 883 “philosophy” blogs. Though on closer inspection they seem to have a pretty funny idea of what constitutes philosophy, and most of the … Continue reading

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