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Telling your epis from your monos.

Ok, so how do you remember which are the epimorphisms, which are the monomorphisms, and which way around the funny arrows get used? Since the textbooks don’t seem eager to offer helpful mnemonics, I offer a forgetful world the following. … Continue reading

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Declutter your Mac!

This will only be of interest to (a few) other Mac users. But, for what it is worth … For years, I’ve taken the easy option and just installed one version of Mac OS on top of another, and migrated … Continue reading

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You can fool most of the people most of the time.

I’ve mentioned before the estimable Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column from the Guardian. In fact, his blog is in the list of links on the left; it is well worth following regularly. But this week’s column touches of something of … Continue reading

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A Tuscan wine list …

Before it all becomes too distant, a few — ignorant and purely subjective! — wine memories from our Tuscany trip, mostly local wines from around Castelnuovo Beradenga. Quite a few of these wines are available from good merchants in the … Continue reading

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Parsons’s Mathematical Thought: Secs 8 – 11

Back, after rather a gap, to Charles Parsons’s book and on to the first half of his second chapter, “Structuralism and nominalism”. (Sec. 8) Parsons says that he himself thinks that “something close to the structuralist view is true”. But … Continue reading

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Geektastic: Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)

Luca Incurvati gave me a link to this (you see, it’s non-stop serious work in the philosophy grad. centre). Yep, ok, it seems to be have been around for a good while: but I’ve only just seen it, and guess … Continue reading

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