Burgess reviews Parsons

Luca Incurvati has just pointed out to me that John Burgess has a review of Parsons forthcoming in Philosophia Mathematica, and an electronic pre-print is available here (if your library has a subscription). Burgess is very polite, but reading between the lines, maybe he had some of the problems I’m having. For example, “[Parsons’s] own version of structuralism is only rather sketchily indicated”, and Burgess is himself pretty sketchy about Parsons on intuition.

I hope to return to Parsons here tomorrow; but in fact the pressure is off for me. It turns out that Bob Hanna and Michael Potter here are going to be running a reading group on the book this coming term, so I’ve arranged for the delivery date of my critical notice to be delayed until the end of term, after I’ve had the benefit of hearing what others think about some of what I’m finding obscure.

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  1. Clark says:

    The review by John Burgess is also generally available for download in .doc format

  2. clark says:

    On a further look, this appears to be a separate review from the one cited above, although overlapping.

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