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Maddy’s Second Philosophy: Introduction

As announced, I’m (belatedly!) planning to comment here section-by-section on Penelope Maddy’s Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method (OUP, 2007). Let me say straight away, having read on a hundred pages or so, that I have nothing but praise for Maddy’s … Continue reading

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One hundred, not out.

I started contributing to the Ask Philosophers website just over a year ago. I’ve just posted my hundredth response — not one of my most exciting efforts, but of course obviously true like all the rest! You can read my … Continue reading

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Back to Gödel

I’ve foolishly agreed to give a mini-mini-course on matters to do with incompleteness at a Cameleon weekend that Thomas Forster is organizing in four weeks time. I ought to find some new Deep and Interesting Things to say that aren’t … Continue reading

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Constructive ZF

Just to note that there is a new entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, on Set Theory: Constructive and Intuitionistic ZF, by Laura Crosilla. I’m out of my comfort zone here, but I found this a very interesting and … Continue reading

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The Leiter report is out

The new Leiter report is out. No real surprises it seems, at least as far as the UK rankings are concerned. In particular, no surprise that we (= Cambridge) come out markedly better than on the RAE, for reasons it … Continue reading

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Forthcoming attractions: Second Philosophy

The last few weeks, since finishing Parsons, our Wednesday reading group has been talking about Jeffrey King’s The Nature and Structure of Content. But I confess that, after three chapters, I’ve stirred up a rebellion (for I find King’s project … Continue reading

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Fools, damned fools, and the designers of online forms

I’ve a sabbatical coming up next Lent term, and I really ought to apply for matching “double your research leave” funding from the AHRC to have another term off. Not that I hold out much hope of getting it rather … Continue reading

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Another week goes by ….

A busy week. A short but interesting talk by Bob Hale at the Moral Sciences Club on Tuesday on the very idea that there might be possible worlds where the laws of logic are different — what idea of possibility … Continue reading

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Top 50 philosophy blogs?

Here’s a new list of philosophy blogs — a bit random, but such lists can turn up serendipitous finds, so I pass on the link.

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Pohler’s Proof Theory

I’ve started struggling through Wolfram Pohler’s recent Proof Theory: The First Step Into Impredicativity. And it is, I’m afraid, a struggle — for a textbook exposition “pitched at undergraduate/graduate level”, it is really quite unnecessarily hard going. For example, I … Continue reading

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