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Rejection and valuations

After the enjoyable Second Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics back in January, I wrote up some remarks I gave responding to a talk by Julien Murzi and Ole Hjortland, based on their ‘Inferentialism and the … Continue reading

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Cameleon report

Well, the Cameleon weekend is over. Something of a success, I think (though the main CMS building at the weekend is a rather bleak empty space, not very conducive to socializing between papers, and the catering-arrangements could have been better; … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Formal Logic

The long saga of the reprint of IFL continues, and the happy ending is in sight. At last, I went in this morning to the CUP offices to check the print-out of the revised version. Famous last words, but it … Continue reading

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Philosophy RAE yet again

I’m sure most people are getting a little bored with this — but the detailed RAE results for philosophy are now out. I can’t conceive why the results weren’t given in this form in the first place (three months ago). … Continue reading

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Maddy, Carnap, Quine, etc.

I meant by now to have written here about Maddy on Carnap and Quine. It’s not that I’ve lost interest. To the contrary. I’m finding myself wanting to follow up some of the other literature on Carnap and Quine that … Continue reading

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It’s only a theory

It’s Only a Theory is a new group-blog on the philosophy of science which looks as though it could develop very nicely. There’s certainly an impressive line of contributors signed up (and me as well).

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TeX update and SyncTeX

\begin{geeky procrastination when I should be writing some Gödel lectures} I keep the TeXShop editor updated, but the background LaTeX installation just works so smoothly that I haven’t bothered to touch it for a while. But I did today get … Continue reading

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Maddy’s Second Philosophy: I.4 Kant’s transcendentalism

Of course, there are philosophers who have delved into the Critique of Pure Reason and returned to tell a tale in plain prose with crisp arguments. In particular, I remember reading much of Jonathan Bennett’s delightfully combative Kant’s Analytic with … Continue reading

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Papers for papers

Like everyone else, I download quite a few journal articles from current issues or from the Jstor archive. Question: just how do you keep the heaps of PDFs organized? What do you use to search across them? Well, I’ve belated … Continue reading

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Maddy’s Second Philosophy: I.3 Hume’s naturalism

Has the Second Philosopher been too sanguine in resolutely dismissing scepticism? Here’s a thought that might give her pause. Hume starts off the Treatise as a cheerful naturalist. OK, he’s not quite a naturalist of the Second Philosopher’s stripe. She … Continue reading

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