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Logic disappearing over the horizon ….

I’ve just had an invitation to give a talk at the University of X, a distinguished place, with a philosophy graduate community of about fifty (according to their website). So I checked out how much logic/phil maths is going on, … Continue reading

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World-class again

I got the very good news eight or nine days ago of an award under the AHRC Research Leave scheme, to complete a book on Gentzen’s proof(s) of the consistency of arithmetic (how the best versions work — not obvious … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Wilfrid Hodges!

Logicians will be delighted to see that Wilfrid Hodges has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

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One to cross off your list

Suppose an undergraduate wrote this: The first [incompleteness theorem] says that there are truths of arithmetic that are not provable in a consistent first-order logic that can express arithmetic. You’d patiently explain that there are four things wrong with this. … Continue reading

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Time-travelling with Google maps

Late last night, I walked down the street where I lived from the age of four until I was fourteen. A virtual walk, using Street View in Google maps. A rather sad experience though. For what a visual mess so … Continue reading

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Twitter is sometimes not entirely frivolous

I was amused by the kids twittering away at the Joint Session (like third-formers passing notes in the back row) — some very good pics too. Mildly fun to see what I was missing. If not exactly useful. However, a … Continue reading

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Gödel sorted … until the next time

Well, I’ve just this morning sent off the PDF for the next reprinting of my Gödel book: it should be available mid-August. I’ve eliminated quite a few more typos (thanks to everyone who let me know of errors in the … Continue reading

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Apple Preview: fail

This might just save a few Mac-based LaTeX users some grief. Suppose you use TeXShop to typeset \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{article}\begin{document} $\{0\} \to \{y = 0\}$\end{document} The result looks just fine in the TeXShop preview window onscreen (which calls on the Mac pdf … Continue reading

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