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Simpson’s SOSOA

The rather long awaited new edition of Simpson’s wonderful Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic is out with CUP. Added: I’ve now looked at a copy in the CUP bookshop, and this is a corrected reprinting of the first-edition, without new … Continue reading

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Disappearing logic again

A footnote to my post, Logic disappearing over the horizon. I’ve just been reading Stephen Simpson’s “Unprovable Theorems and Fast-Growing Functions” (an introductory piece in the 1987 AMS Contemporary Mathematics Logic and Combinatorics volume that contains some important papers on … Continue reading

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More logic books available online …

Richard Zach, over at LogBlog, has posted this: Exciting developments! The Association of Symbolic Logic has made the now-out of print volumes in the Lecture Notes in Logic (vols. 1-12) and Perspectives in Mathematical Logic (vols. 1-12) open-access through Project … Continue reading

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Conceptual mathematics again

Newly in to the CUP bookshop today, a second edition of Lawvere and Schanuel’s Conceptual Mathematics. This has a little new material over and above what was in the first edition: that looks a good move, as I found when … Continue reading

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