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Research Excellence Bullshit

So, there’s another consultation document on the Research Excellence Framework — “the new arrangements for the assessment and funding of research in UK higher education institutions that will replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)”. A wonderful document indeed, literate and … Continue reading

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Schubert’s Piano Trios

I buy few new CDs these days, as I already have ridiculously many (and multiple recordings of most pieces that I really care about it). But I was driving home from my aged mother’s the other day, and the BBC … Continue reading

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Praise for Just and Weese!

From time to time I do get more than a bit critical here about books of one sort or another: so it’s good to give praise for once! Over the last couple of days I’ve been reading the first volume … Continue reading

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Student evaluations

I remember, quite a few years ago, giving the same introductory logic course two years running, as far as I could tell doing as a good a job each time. But my student evaluations plummeted between one year and the … Continue reading

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Math logic reading list (updated)

I’ve spent the last couple of days reorganizing and rewriting the reading list for the Part II Math Logic paper (that’s a third year undergraduate paper for philosophers). It was a rather minimalist affair, and I’ve taken a step or … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Thomas Forster

Another logic-seminar regular hits the big time! It is good to see that Thomas’s “The Iterative Conception of Set”, published last year in the new Review of Symbolic Logic was judged one of the ten best papers of 2008 by … Continue reading

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Grumpy old man, #42

I think I’m turning into a grumpy old man … [Cue suppressed laughter off stage, murmurings of “Turning? Turning? Happened years ago”, etc. But I shall ignore these scurrilous interruptions.] … and the latest cross-making irritation (especially galling for a … Continue reading

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School maths, from the distant past

I found myself yesterday in a small-town bookshop, kicking my heels for half an hour. Prompted by recent press discussion of the standard of A-levels (the UK 18+ end-of-high-school examination), I browsed through some books intended for A-level further maths … Continue reading

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