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Craig Smorynski reviews IGT

I hadn’t noticed that Craig Smorynski has reviewed my Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems in Philosophia Mathematica — thanks to Eckart Menzler for alerting me. Smorynski says some very nice things: The goal of the book is not to introduce the … Continue reading

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Rum and Reason revived

The daughter’s quite excellent cooking blog has kicked into life again … Always worth a read. Not that I’m biased or anything.

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Readings for New(ish) Philosophers

On the Philosophy Faculty website, we have some “suggestions for those intending to read philosophy and/or beginning a philosophy course“. But this is an elderly document which I first put together about ten years ago, and which hasn’t been revised … Continue reading

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Gödel Without Tears, again

I’ve updated all the episodes so far to give them what I hope are more useful headers (a bullet-pointed list of topics). The last two episodes have also been more significantly revised. You can get the latest, greatest, versions here. … Continue reading

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Gödel Without Tears — 6

The latest episode showing how a theory like Q can express/capture primitive recursive functions and relations is now online. [As always, I’ll be very glad to hear about typos/thinkos.] Earlier instalments can be found here.

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The end of civilization as we knew it

Well, that really takes the biscuit. The University Library tea room has stopped using china cup and saucers like a civilized place, and started using disposable paper cups. Ye gods, what is the world coming to? Once upon a time, … Continue reading

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Entailment – a blast from the past

I promised — foolishly, as I’m quite snowed under with other things too! —  to introduce a paper of Neil Tennant’s on entailment and deducibility next week at our logic reading group. So as background I thought it might be … Continue reading

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The Autonomy of Mathematical Knowledge, §§3.1-3.2

Hilbert writes Just as the physicist investigates his apparatus … the mathematician has to secure his theorems by a critique of this proofs, and for this he needs proof theory. (p. 61) Indeed: if you are physicist getting surprising results … Continue reading

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Nerdy distractions

Moving the blog and other stuff to a new host and getting to know WordPress just a bit has — what a surprise! — taken up too much time. I’ll try to concentrate now on moving more content (leaving theme-fiddling … Continue reading

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Work in progress

The plan is to port here the whole old Logic Matters site (including, the pages relating to my recent books and also LaTeX for Logicians) into one better organized, and much-easier-to-update, site. Watch this space. It may take a while … Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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