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The Autonomy of Mathematical Knowledge, §3.3

Back, after a longer-than-intended break, to Curtis Franks’s The Autonomy of Mathematical Knowledge. (You can read previous instalments of my comments here. And to keep things ticking over more regularly, I’ll blog about smaller chunks. Can you stand the suspense?) … Continue reading

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Gödel Without Tears — 8

Here’s the latest episode — in which we at last get to the First Incompleteness Theorem. (You can download the latest versions of earlier episodes here, as well as a composite PDF of all the episodes to date.) That’s a … Continue reading

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Gödel Without Tears — 7

The latest episode of Gödel Without Tears — on the Arithmetization of Syntax — is now available here.

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Emma on the small screen

No, this isn’t about the latest television dramatisation of Emma (though actually, I thought it was really rather good, and Romola Garai as Emma was terrific). Rather, this is about reading Austen again, this time on an iPod Touch, using … Continue reading

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Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese at the Louvre

Back from a few days in Paris. Fortunately the blasted museum strike didn’t hit the Louvre until after we’d seen the wonderful Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese exhibition which was in fact one of our reasons for going now (though it did stop … Continue reading

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