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TTP, 1. Introduction: Platonism vs ‘naturalized epistemology’

Let me begin by setting the scene, embroidering only a little on Weir’s opening pages. Consider then the following claims, ordinarily regarded as mathematical truths: 3 is prime. The Klein four-group is the smallest non-cyclic group. There is an uncountably … Continue reading

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Truth Through Proof, 0. Preamble

I am eventually going to be writing a (short) review for  Mind of Alan Weir’s new book  Truth Through Proof: A Formalist Foundation for Mathematics (OUP, 2010). The blurb on the publisher’s website gives  you an idea what of what … Continue reading

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The Bertrand Russell Chair

That well-known website LeiterLeaks tells the world Huw Price, Challis Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney and a two-time winner of the lucrative Australian Federation Fellowships, has been offered the Bertrand Russell Professorship in Philosophy at Cambridge University … Continue reading

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Florence, for body and soul

Florence in winter is a delight. You can get even into the Uffizi without queuing. Stand quietly in front of your favourite paintings or frescos for as long as you like without crowds around you all the time.  And when … Continue reading

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A room with a view

Well, that isn’t supposed to happen. Heavy snow in Florence before Christmas. The city cut off. The airports closed. But there are far worse places to be forced to stay a couple more days than planned. The galleries and the … Continue reading

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On teaching philosophy

I’ve just added some long comments of my own to the exchange between Tom Stoneham and Paul Noordhof in the comments thread here. Perhaps of most interest to UK philosophers, but do read and join in the discussion!

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Jane Austen and moral philosophy

I’m one of the panelists on the Ask Philosophers website. And I’m amused to notice that three particular favourites of mine happen to be the topics of my last three responses, namely the philosophy of maths, wine, and Jane Austen. … Continue reading

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Students are right to be pissed off …

… about the proposed “reforms” to higher education funding. I’ve started a couple of times to write a blog-post adding my two-pennyworth of comment. But firstly, I get too depressed musing more generally about the awfulness of various education “reforms” … Continue reading

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Cambridge Principia Symposium

A while back, a number of us had the thought that we ought to do something in Cambridge to mark the centenary of Principia. But organizing blockbuster conferences is always a real pain; and to hold them here you need … Continue reading

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Cuts, consistency and axiomatized theories

In the Wednesday Logic Reading Group, where we are working through Sara Negri and Jan von Plato’s Structural Proof Theory, I today introduced Chapter 6, ‘Structural Proof Analysis of Axiomatic Theories’. In their commendable efforts to be brief, the authors … Continue reading

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