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Field: what am I missing?

As I mentioned in the last post, it fell to me to introduce the last two chapters in Part III of Field — namely,  Ch. 17 in which he rounds out his key technical construction, and Ch. 18, ‘What Has … Continue reading

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Field, revised again

A few survivors are still battling through Field’s desperately ill-written Saving Truth from Paradox in a reading group here (just on the matter of writing, contrast, e.g. Scott Soames beautifully lucid book Understanding Truth). We are going to stop having … Continue reading

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Italian renaissance drawings

To London today for the annual meeting of the Analysis Committee. The journal seems in cheering health (though it seems as if the now out-of-control “publish or perish” pressures are leading to almost absurd numbers of submissions). Then, across the … Continue reading

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The end of the journey

The third double-CD has recently been released of Imogen Cooper’s stunning journey through late Schubert in her QE Hall recitals in 2008 and 2009. The first two pairs of disks got some extraordinarily warm reviews, and this too strikes me … Continue reading

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The Bertrand Russell Professorship

In the official words of the Cambridge University Reporter, The Council submits the following Graces to the Regent House. … (3) That the Professorship of Philosophy (1896) be retitled as the Bertrand Russell Professorship of Philosophy. This means that when … Continue reading

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Galois enthusiasm

Heck, that’s rather surprising! Over sixteen hundred and sixty people have now downloaded the notes on the Galois connection between syntax and semantics which I posted a link to here just a few days ago. Who knows why some pieces … Continue reading

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Postcard from New Providence

Given that casinos aren’t my thing and old Nassau is half an hour away and hardly worth more than a short morning, there’s not much to do on New Providence but go to the nearby beach and then sit in … Continue reading

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Some recent (un)publications

In an idle moment (well, it is very hot here in the Bahamas!), I’ve put together a page of links to various bits of stuff from the last three years which were dashed off in the interstices of book-writing. Mildly … Continue reading

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The Liar expresses no proposition

A couple of posts ago, I expostulated about Field’s over-hasty rejection of what I called the no-proposition response to the Liar. As it happens I found myself this morning reading (in the welcome shade of some pines at the top … Continue reading

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The Galois connection between syntax and semantics (updated)

In his classic Dialectica paper `Adjointness in foundations’ (1969), F. William Lawvere writes of `the familiar Galois connection between sets of axioms and classes of models, for a fixed [signature]’. But even if long familiar folklore to category theorists, the … Continue reading

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