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Sounding off, rather a lot

Oops. I’ve now sounded off over two hundred times on Ask Philosophers. Well, doing that is a more productive form of procrastination than some alternatives that I could mention. And Ask Philosophers is a Good Thing. I can warmly recommend … Continue reading

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The Bertrand Russell Professorship

When I moved to Cambridge a dozen years ago, people asked why I wanted to leave Sheffield which was and is such a good department. “But aren’t the attractions of Cambridge obvious?”, I’d reply, “it’s more work, less money, and … Continue reading

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One logician’s iPad

There’s a new page on this site, linked on the right, for anyone interested. And for the rest of you, I’ll try henceforth to keep the blog an iPad-free zone. Mind you, I’m only saying try … [Added] Well, since … Continue reading

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Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries

To London yesterday. We had to be near Sloane Square, so we took the opportunity to visit the Saatchi Gallery. We were most impressed. With the Gallery. Unfortunately the contents are mostly a pile of crap. We can recommend the … Continue reading

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Reading the iPad

Just a few thoughts, after five or six weeks of happy togetherness with my new iPad … It is no wonder that we love our books: in reading them, we cradle them close to our heart.1 Yes. And we similarly … Continue reading

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PhilTeX group blog

One to watch if you are a philosophical LaTeX geek? —  PhilTeX, a fairly new group blog on possibly relevant LaTeX matters. I’ve added links on the blogroll here and on the LaTeX for Logicians pages.

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Philosophers with their minds on higher things.

Occasionally, I twitter links to The Daughter’s wonderful cooking blog (parse that either way: it is both a wonderful cooking-blog and also — since she takes after her mother —  a wonderful-cooking blog). A couple of days ago, I posted … Continue reading

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