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Math Overflow

This is a slightly embarrassing confession of benighted ignorance (until very recently), and a pointer for anyone who is still in the dark. Quite some while ago I gave up looking at the sci.logic newsgroup: what was once a resource … Continue reading

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C.D. Broad makes it to the SEP

I’m really pleased to see that a good piece on C.D. Broad has been added to the ever-more-wonderful Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It has always seemed to me that Broad has been underrated (compared e.g. with Moore); and — leaving … Continue reading

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Flattery will get you nowhere: I want cash

I’ve just been asked to report on an application for a substantial grant from a rather wealthy grant-awarding body. “We will greatly value your expert opinion” etc. etc. Huh. I’m sure you will. Value it so much you aren’t offering … Continue reading

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