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Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episode 3

Here are the notes for today’s lecture. 3. Two weak arithmetics To repeat, there’s a dedicated GWT comments page here — still unused, despite many hundred downloads of previous episodes!

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Godel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episode 2

The first episode of the new version of Gödel Without Tears was downloaded over 1650 times in seven days: there seems to be some interest, which is good to see! Anyway, here’s a very marginally revised version, together with the … Continue reading

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Not even close

Given the choice, I prefer hearing a good string quartet play to almost any other concert-going. When we lived in Sheffield, we were spoilt by being able to go to see the Lindsays in their prime (and we also got … Continue reading

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Principia symposium, and another graduate conference

This year we mark the centenary of the publication of the first volume of Principia. There will be a symposium in Cambridge with seven or eight talks to honour the occasion, on November 27th and 28th, with the meeting suitably … Continue reading

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Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears, again. Episode 1

I just started this morning giving this year’s Cambridge lectures on Gödel’s Theorems (targetted at philosophy undergrads doing our Part II Mathematical Logic paper). I’ll be giving out weekly handouts — to begin with closely based on some that I … Continue reading

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Second and third intro logic lecture

I have been pretty surprised to find that over four hundred people not doing my elementary first year logic course for philosophers have downloaded the slides for the first lecture. So I’ve decided to keep uploading the lecture slides here … Continue reading

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First intro logic lecture

Here are the slides for the first logic lecture today for 1A Philosophy. (These were originally posted for those who were late/missed the first lecture: the slides will not be left online permanently.) Heavens! —  45 people in the class, … Continue reading

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A proper bookshop is a lovesome thing …

You would think that Cambridge, of all places, could sustain an attractive general bookshop. But sadly not so. The University Press shop is quite nicely done, but of course only sells CUP books, so doesn’t count. We are stuck with … Continue reading

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