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Godel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episodes 5 & 6

Here are the handouts for the last two Gödel lectures: 5. Primitive recursive functions 6. Expressing and capturing the primitive recursive functions (These two haven’t changed greatly from the previous versions from earlier in the year.)

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Mary Leng’s Mathematics and Reality, Chs 5 & 6

We are reading Mary Leng’s book in the Thursday Logic Seminar for the second part of term. It fell to me to introduce discussion of Chapters 5 and 6, and I found myself yesterday writing (very rapidly indeed) these brisk … Continue reading

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Intro Logic Lectures

Here’s another helping of the overheads for my first-year logic lectures 4 to 10 this term. This is the block of seven lectures on basic propositional logic via truth-tables. I’ve already posted the links to the first three very introductory … Continue reading

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Piling up on my desk

Term rattles on, leaving little time for doing much reading other than for the two logic seminars for grads (this term we looking at Mary Leng’s book on Mathematics and Reality in one, and Sara Negri and Jan von Plato’s … Continue reading

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5-4-3-2-1 …

There are just five more lectures to go in (my segment of) this year’s 1A logic course. Which means that — after, ye gods, forty years in this game — there are only five more lectures to go in (probably) … Continue reading

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Belcea Quartet

I have been meaning for some time to write recommending the Belcea Quartet‘s Schubert recordings. There’s one double disk of the G major, Death and the Maiden, and the Quintet, and another disk of the Rosamunde Quartet, the E flat, … Continue reading

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Godel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episode 4

I’m afraid that life has been rather distracting recently, with little time for more-than-minimal blogging. I hope, however, that things will get back to normal after a few more very busy days catching up with life. Here, in the meantime, … Continue reading

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Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episode 3

Here are the notes for today’s lecture. 3. Two weak arithmetics To repeat, there’s a dedicated GWT comments page here — still unused, despite many hundred downloads of previous episodes!

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Godel Without (Too Many) Tears. Episode 2

The first episode of the new version of Gödel Without Tears was downloaded over 1650 times in seven days: there seems to be some interest, which is good to see! Anyway, here’s a very marginally revised version, together with the … Continue reading

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Not even close

Given the choice, I prefer hearing a good string quartet play to almost any other concert-going. When we lived in Sheffield, we were spoilt by being able to go to see the Lindsays in their prime (and we also got … Continue reading

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