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IGT2 A first instalment of the second edition of my Gödel book!

As I’ve said before, CUP have agreed to publish a second edition of An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems. Camera-ready copy is due to be sent to them rather implausibly soon, by the end of July 2012, with publication six months … Continue reading

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A Christmas card

With all good wishes for a peaceful Christmas

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Just to keep you occupied over the holidays …

… and to dent your bank balances, here are three more rather sizeable logic books. First up, spotted in the CUP bookshop and snapped up, is the just-published Proofs and Computations by Helmut Schwichtenberg and Stanley S. Wainer. A mere … Continue reading

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Next up: Truth, Gödel, and other delights

OK: a review of Maddy’s very engaging recent book (written with Luca Incurvati, which was fun to do) has gone off to Mind. And in the next day or two, I must also put together a review for Phil. Math. … Continue reading

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Maddy on mathematical depth

This is a very belated follow-up to an earlier post on Penelope Maddy’s short but intriguing Defending the Axioms. In my previous comments I was talking about Maddy’s discussion of Thin Realism vs Arealism, and her claim that there in … Continue reading

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Back to Grice …

Piled on my study floor — part of the detritus from clearing my faculty office — are some box files containing old lecture notes and the like. I’m going through, trashing some bundles of pages and scanning others for old … Continue reading

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LaTeX now works in comments too …

If you want to insert LaTeX maths into a comment (‘cos the ascii mock-up of some bit of logical notation is just too horrible), then you now can. If ‘$ some-code $’ gives you what you want in standard LaTeX, … Continue reading

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And who is for 0-ary function expressions?

In defining a first order syntax, there’s a choice-point at which we can go two ways. Option (A): we introduce a class of sentence letters (as it might be, ) together with a class of predicate letters for different arities … Continue reading

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Two-place functions aren’t one-place functions, are they?

Here’s a small niggle, that’s arisen rewriting a very early chapter of my Gödel book, and also in reading a couple of terrific blog posts by Tim Gowers (here and here). We can explicitly indicate that we are dealing with … Continue reading

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Something extraordinary

The Belcea Quartet were playing in Cambridge again a couple of days ago, in the wonderfully intimate setting of the Peterhouse Theatre. They are devoting themselves completely to Beethoven for a couple of years, playing all-Beethoven concerts, presumably working up … Continue reading

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