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Weir on formalism in SEP

While waiting for the next exciting instalment of my comments on his Truth Through Proof, you might like to look at Alan Weir’s brand new entry on formalism in the philosophy of maths for the ever-more-wonderful Stanford Encyclopedia.

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GWT updated

The first two episodes of Gödel Without Tears have been corrected — catching a few typos but mainly to correct the silly thinko that David Makinson caught. And there are new versions of episodes 7 (Arithmetization of Syntax) and 8 … Continue reading

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Oops! A blunder in GWT

David Makinson has emailed to point out a foul-up in Episode 2, §9, of Gödel Without Tears. (Actually, he very kindly called it an “anomaly”. This suggests one of those irregular conjugations: “I made a little slip, what you wrote … Continue reading

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TTP, CUP, and a shiny new MBA

I suppose it was mildly daft to plunge into blogging about Alan Weir’s  TTP just as the beginning of term looms. There’s now a flurry of other things which I really need to be thinking about, just as I’m getting … Continue reading

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TTP, 4. §1.III: Sense, circumstance, world

In the present section, Weir says something about the kind of semantic framework he favours, and in particular about issues of context-sensitivity. Here I do little more than summarize. The basic idea is very familiar. “Utterances of declarative sentences are … Continue reading

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TTP, 3. §§1.I–II: Realisms

As we can see from our initial specification of his position, to get Weir’s philosophy of mathematics to fly will involve accepting some substantial and potentially controversial claims in the philosophy of language and metaphysics. The first two chapters of … Continue reading

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Cambridge Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

The fourth in a series of now annual conferences takes place in Cambridge over the weekend of 22nd–23rd January 2011. The previous conferences have been excellent fun, so why not come along? Here is the line-up for this year’s event. Keynote … Continue reading

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These you have loved …

To be honest, I am as bad as the rest of you! I almost daily visit someone’s website or blog, read their words of wisdom, download papers, talks, or overhead slides, and learn a huge amount this way. Yet I … Continue reading

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Slides for more introductory logic lectures

I’ve somewhat belatedly put online slides for the last six of last term’s intro logic lectures. Lectures 11–13 introduce propositional trees, and lectures 14–16 introduce the language QL. Frankly, you would do much better to read my book: but since … Continue reading

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TTP, 2. Introduction: Options and Weir’s way forward

Faced with the Benacerrafian challenge, what are the options? Weir mentions a few; but he doesn’t give anything like a systematic map of the various possible ways forward. It might be helpful if I do something to fill the gap. … Continue reading

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