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The MRDP theorem

I gave a rough-and-ready talk yesterday, introducing the MRDP theorem to some logic-minded philosophers (mostly postgrads). The aim was to explain what the theorem says and why it is interesting, rather than to talk about the proof in detail. Here’s … Continue reading

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Imogen Cooper plays Schubert … on YouTube

Thanks to Askonas Holt, her agents, three videos of Imogen Cooper playing at a concert in 2009 have just been posted on YouTube (the video isn’t HD, but the sound is just fine). There is a nice performance of Schubert’s … Continue reading

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Reading list on computable functions

At the moment, I’m going to Thomas Forster’s Part III maths course on computable functions. I’ve put together an introductory reading list on the elementary stuff in the opening lectures, which may be of use/interest to others. As usual, comments/corrections/suggested … Continue reading

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Another “last ever …” box ticked

There’s no getting away from it: it does all feel slightly odd, as the academic year rattles on, being repeatedly struck by the thought “Well, this is the last time I’ll be doing that.” At the start of the year, … Continue reading

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Brandom, continued

Let’s add a further observation to what I was saying about Brandom in the last post. I remarked that and (as defined) coincide in a classical framework. But now let be the usual consequence relation in an intuitionistic logic, and … Continue reading

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Brandom’s incompatibility semantics, and other distractions

First, apologies to Alan Weir and all his fans who are impatiently awaiting the next episode of my stalled discussion of his book. I will get back to it, but I have been distracted over the last couple of weeks … Continue reading

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