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The AHRC and BS again, and again

A remarkable number of people have already signed the online petition to remove “The Big Society” as a strategic area for AHRC funding. If you are an arts UK academic or grad student, you might want to add your name … Continue reading

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He that toucheth pitch …

The story so far. The Observer run a piece entitled ‘Academic fury over order to study the big society’ which starts off Academics will study the “big society” as a priority, following a deal with the government to secure funding … Continue reading

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Back to work … and in praise of Jonathan Raban

 A surprisingly busy term over. Almost. So, inter alia, I can at last get back to writing my ordinals book and to blogging about Alan Weir’s book Truth Through Proof. Watch this space. Meanwhile, I’ve just finished (re)reading Jonathan Raban’s … Continue reading

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Belatedly lighting the candles

I’ve just noticed — looking through the archive of past posts to check that nothing has been badly messed about by the presentational update — that the first ever post here was on March 9th 2006. So I missed marking … Continue reading

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In praise of … Kristian Bezuidenhout

Who? Not a household name, to be sure. And a new name to me ten days ago. But we went to a concert in the startlingly starry Peterhouse Camerata Musica series to hear Viktoria Mullova playing three of the Beethoven sonatas. … Continue reading

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Under reconstruction

(Friday) I’m planning, over the next day or three, to experiment with updating Logic Matters with a classier new WordPress theme. I’m so far favouring the “Tarski” theme, not just because the name seems peculiarly appropriate for a logic blog, … Continue reading

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Tennenbaum without tears

Another week, another logic handout. This time on Tennenbaum’s Theorem. Here’s a reasonably stand-alone proof (based on one in Kaye’s book) with some very quick concluding remarks on the question of the theorem’s conceptual significance. As always, comments are most welcome.

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