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Thin Realism, Arealism, and other Big Ideas

Penelope Maddy’s recent Defending the Axioms is my sort of book. It is short (150 pages), beautifully clearly written (if there are obscurities, they are in the philosophy, not the prose), and I’m in fact rather sympathetic to her overall … Continue reading

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Last chance to see

The exhibition ‘Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance’ is on at the National Gallery for another ten days. Warmly recommended. Especially to those, like us, who are really pretty ignorant of the Northern Renaissance. Quite a revelation. We learnt a lot, and some of … Continue reading

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A First Eleven, 1975

Retirement looms/beckons (depending on whether it’s a day that I feel it is to be regretted or welcomed). So I’ve started really clearing out my office (as opposed to the occasional half-hearted efforts in the past). Most of a filing … Continue reading

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Intro to Gödel’s Theorems, Mk 2

I’ve just heard that CUP will probably look kindly on a proposal for a second edition of my Gödel book, to come out two or three years hence. There have already been a couple of (quite heavily) corrected reprints, but … Continue reading

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