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Thank heavens that’s over …

Examining, I mean. For the last time ever. And, after a long-drawn-out and rather depressing experience marking tripos, at least I finished on a high note, viva-ing a particularly excellent M.Phil. thesis. Now it is back to clearing my office. … Continue reading

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Cambridge news: congratulations/two jobs

First, the very warmest of congratulations to my colleague Michael Potter, who will become a Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy from October 1st. And about time too. Second, two temporary teaching posts have been advertised for October. They are … Continue reading

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Four lectures on the First Incompleteness Theorem

Better late than never — here’s what I said, more or less, in four lectures earlier this term on the First Incompleteness Theorem. The lectures were aimed for maths students, but only the last of the four requires a bit … Continue reading

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IGT, 2nd edn again — and an unofficial bribe!

As I said in a post here a couple of weeks ago, I’m negotiating with CUP about a second edition for An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems. (And if you have any suggestions/comments about what improvements you’d like to see, do … Continue reading

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