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TTP, 11. Disentangling neo-formalism

The introductory sketch in the last post reveals at least this much about Weir’s neo-formalism: it is the marriage of two independent lines of thought. One idea — call it “formalism about arithmetical correctness” — is that, at a first … Continue reading

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TTP, 10. Neo-formalism introduced

As you might remember, I’m supposed to be writing a review of Alan Weir’s Truth through Proof. I started blogging here about the book some time ago, intermittently discussing the first couple of chapters at length, and then I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Good news on 2nd edn of IGT

Good news. I’ve a contract to do a 2nd edition of my Gödel book. Not quite under the terms I’d have ideally liked, like another 50 pages, a couple of years or more to do it, and of course a … Continue reading

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Rediscovering reading …

One of the joys of retirement, I’m discovering, is that there seems to be a lot more time for reading. I mean reading that isn’t either logic/philosophy on the one hand, or wind-down late-night novels on the other. Of course, … Continue reading

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The Belcea Quartet again

I’ve mentioned here before my ever-growing admiration for the Belcea Quartet. Last week at a late night Prom concert they played the Schubert Quintet (with Valentin Erben as the second cello) with their usual intensity. You can hear it here for … Continue reading

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What’s so great about Kuratowski pairs?

I’m currently writing about countable order types — kinds of orderings of the naturals — and for various reasons want to do as much as I can without explicit talk about sets. But I obviously need to talk about ordered … Continue reading

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