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Beginning maths, beginning philosophy

Tim Gowers has begun what he plans to be a long series of posts on his blog giving advice for beginning Cambridge mathmos. But the posts should of course be of great interest for new undergraduate mathematicians anywhere. So spread … Continue reading

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TTP, 14. Worries about excluded middle

Weir’s formalist account of arithmetic in headline form comes to this: the arithmetical claim P is correct just in case that there is (or in practice could be) a concrete proof of P. (We’ll stick to considering the arithmetical case.) … Continue reading

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Log xy = Log x + Log y

In their (rich, original, ground-breaking) writings on plurals, Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley more than once say that “mathematical practice” shows that addition is allowed to take plural terms as arguments. Thus, with a trivial change of variables, in their … Continue reading

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Abortion, again

It has been depressing to see the issue of abortion being politicised again in the UK, when a hard-won, decent and humane settlement has been in place. And it is particularly depressing for a philosopher to see that usual dreadful … Continue reading

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