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Three cheers for TeXShop

As I write this, I’m printing out a hard copy of the Gödel book — hopefully the version to be taken along to CUP along with the PDF file when they re-open next week. I’ve been tinkering with this second … Continue reading

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A Christmas card

All good wishes for a peaceful Christmas

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In the dunce’s corner …

I’m spending a bit of quality time in the dunce’s corner, having dashed off a ‘solution’ to a problem in propositional calculus (yes propositional calculus, for heaven’s sake) over at math.stackexchange and got it quite wrong. And as fate would … Continue reading

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Proof reading again …

I’m slowly working through the proof-reader’s corrections for Gödel Mark 2 (and re-reading the book carefully one last time as I go). So far, I’ve got through a quarter of the book, and CUP’s reader has found two tiny slips … Continue reading

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Weather report

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” Mark Twain’s remark applies in spades in Old England. Changeable or what? But one nice thing about retirement which they don’t tell you  — and I’m … Continue reading

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The Decline of the West, Episode 42

Here’s a very dispiriting new blog post by Tim Gowers about the dire state of school maths teaching in the UK. I’m a bit surprised, though, that he’s surprised by what he discovered (but then being in the happy situation of … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic, #7. A bit of deviance

There’s a new version of the self-help Guide downloadable from the Teach Yourself Logic page (added: updated to Version 7.1, Nov. 26). Heavens this is time consuming! — but having (as it now seems, foolishly) started, I guess I should … Continue reading

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Postcard from Turin

It’s been a while since we were in Italy, so a quick city break — this time to Turin (a new city for us). The central city is rather impressive, wide colonnaded streets and some large piazzas. And with the … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic, #6

A new page for the Guide is now here on the site. And a new version of the Guide (Version 6.0, 6th November) can be downloaded from there.

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Teach yourself logic, #5: Arithmetic, computation and Gödelian incompleteness

I’ve just written a (partial) draft of another chunk of my developing Teach Yourself Logic reading guide. As always, comments and suggestions will be very welcome indeed. I’ve tried to restrain myself, but this segment of the Guide is already … Continue reading

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