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Two short papers

I’ve just noticed that my forthcoming Analysis paper (co-authored with Luca Incurvati) is available online: Is ‘no’ a force-indicator? Sometimes, possibly And my Philosophia Mathematica paper (co-authored with Tim Button) is now also out: The philosophical significance of Tennenbaum’s Theorem … Continue reading

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Universities, galleries and Stefan Collini

I read Stefan Collini’s What are Universities For? last week with very mixed feelings. In the past, I’ve much admired his polemical essays on the REF, “impact”, the Browne Report, etc. in the London Review of Books and elsewhere: they … Continue reading

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Squeezing Church’s Thesis: Bringsjord and Sundar G. miss the point

Distinguish (1) initial, inchoate, talk about “mechanical computation” from (2) much more sharply characterized, but still informal, talk about “algorithmic” or “effective” computation (in a finite number of steps, fixed by the instructions of a deterministic algorithm, where each step … Continue reading

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Once, long ago, at The Times

“Nothing sets a person up more”, writes Claud Cockburn in his immensely readable autobiography, “than having something turn out just the way it’s supposed to be.” He recounts that the first time he travelled on the Orient Express, he was … Continue reading

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The next step after IFL?

I have added a page of suggestions of what to read after my intro. logic book. I’d be particularly interested to hear comments, take suggestions, etc. And it isn’t just a question of putting a favourite sequence of books in … Continue reading

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If you couldn’t get to the Vermeer exhibition

If you couldn’t get to the Fitzwilliam Museum’s astonishing small exhibition ‘Vermeer’s Women: Secrets and Silence’ (or you went once the word got around, and it all became rather uncomfortably packed), then this is just to say that the book-of-the-exhibition … Continue reading

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“Drop the Health Bill”

Most of us in the UK care deeply about the future of the NHS. We know there are all kinds of problems — and some of them are inevitable, with medical possibilities ever-expanding, an ageing population,  and finite resources. But … Continue reading

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The Pacifica Quartet play Shostakovich

Recent posts here have been a bit sternly logical. Well, this one isn’t exactly light relief, but at least it isn’t yet more on Gödel. A tweet in response to one of mine (about my favourite quartets performing at the … Continue reading

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What to read before, after, or instead of IGT

I’m sometimes asked for recommendations about what to read after IGT – or indeed, what to read instead of tackling IGT if you are looking for something less weighty, or for something more like a conventional mathematical text. So here … Continue reading

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Gödel’s First Theorem, continuing the story

I’ve a book review to finish, reading for a seminar to get under my belt, and other time consuming stuff waiting. So I’m going to have put aside for a week or more the continuing self-imposed task of writing notes … Continue reading

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