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Two more book reviews

Here are late drafts of two more book reviews. On Matthias Baaz et al., eds, Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics: Horizons of Truth (CUP, 2011), in Philosophia Mathematica (With Luca Incurvati) on Penelope Maddy, Defending the Axioms (OUP, 2011) forthcoming in Mind. … Continue reading

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Schubert, remixed

BBC Radio 3 is playing Schubert, Schubert and yet more Schubert over the next few days. You can see the schedule here. Two highlights for me so far. The first half of the Imogen Cooper’s concert, playing the Allegretto in C … Continue reading

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LaTeX for Logicians spring cleaned

The LaTeX for Logicians pages have been a bit unloved over the last year or more. But recently, a lot of links got broken when I eventually wound up what was left of my old university web pages. And that … Continue reading

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Co-partial functions again

Back in October I gave a talk — prompted by (re)reading some excellent papers of Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley’s — on the Really Exciting Question whether there are co-partial functions (functions that map nothing to something). Afterwards, I wrote … Continue reading

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