Co-partial functions again

Back in October I gave a talk — prompted by (re)reading some excellent papers of Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley’s — on the Really Exciting Question whether there are co-partial functions (functions that map nothing to something). Afterwards, I wrote the talk up in a more conventional form and expanded it a little, but then put the resulting note aside and got on with other things. The whole issue is probably too narrow for it to be worth troubling a journal: but re-reading the note, it still seems right to me. So, after a bit more tinkering today, for what it is worth, here it is.

In another bit of constructive procrastination, for I really should be getting on with IGT2, I’ve put a front page on the whole Logic Matters site (nicer icons to follow). This will make navigation easier for the many visitors who don’t come for the blog.

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