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Postcard from the Bahamas

A visit to family, and a much needed break. As you can see, the beach has been so very crowded, the skies so very gray … For once, I have been away for the better part of two weeks without … Continue reading

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Another instalment of IGT2 (mostly harmless)

Over three months after the last instalment, here is another helping of the draft version of the second edition of my Gödel book. To keep things simple, I am posting as a single document a corrected version of what are … Continue reading

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Fun reads for philosophers?

Suppose you want to recommend ten or a dozen philosophy books to students (not complete beginners) for out-of-term-time reading, books that are positively enjoyable to read, even fun, written with a light touch and some zest, though still thought-provoking and … Continue reading

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