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Book note: Nick Smith’s new Logic: The Laws of Truth

A long time ago, when the world was young and UK philosophy departments nearly all taught an amount of formal logic to their first year students, Peter Millican (I think it was) wrote round — yes, this was before email … Continue reading

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Back to Schubert …

I was going to post a rave recommendation for this recording a few weeks ago: but it was about the time of BBC Radio 3’s ten day, wall-to-wall, 24hr, Schubert season, so I thought I should leave it a while, till … Continue reading

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Teach yourself logic, #2: Modal logic

An expanded, improved, version of the full Guide to teaching yourself various areas of logic is now here. So let’s move on to looking at books to read on modal logic. The ordering of some of the instalments here is … Continue reading

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Book note: Smullyan’s Theory of Formal Systems

When I wrote my Gödel book I did a lot of it from memory (on the principle that if I had to reconstruct proofs without too much cheating, the discipline of doing so would help me to explain the proofs). … Continue reading

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Logic books

Replacement page! For updated info on logic books, you need to go here. !

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Book note: Tent and Ziegler’s A Course in Model Theory

The CUP bookshop marked its 20th birthday with a day offering a big discount on top of the usual discounts, so I came away with a small pile of half-price logic books (I wasn’t enticed by anything on the philosophy … Continue reading

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