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Gödel, 2nd edition again

OK, here for download [from August, no longer available] are the opening 22 chapters (164 pages) of a draft of the 2nd edition of my Gödel book). This covers up to and including the first, Gödelian, proof of the First Incompleteness … Continue reading

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Inexhaustible Haydn

I’m beavering away at the second edition of the Gödel book, and hope to post a big chunk of it here over the weekend. So watch this space. Work divides between the (relatively) fun stuff of rewriting bits and pieces … Continue reading

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Mathematics theorems for philosophers?

I mentioned that Mark Colyvan, by way of epilogue to his Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics has a list of choice “mathematical results that have some philosophical interest, or in some cases are just very cool pieces of mathematics”. … Continue reading

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Book note: Mark Colyvan’s Intro to Phil. Maths

Ever since my Gödel book was published unexpectedly as one of the  “Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy”, I’ve kept an interested eye on what else has appeared in the series. The latest addition is Mark Colyvan’s An Introduction to the Philosophy … Continue reading

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Teach yourself logic, #3: Beginning model theory

(For later, better, thoughts, see the most recent version of the TYL Guide.) I have been working away on the second edition of my Gödel book. The current task: giving a more lucid proof showing Robinson arithmetic can represent all … Continue reading

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