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Three cheers for TeXShop

As I write this, I’m printing out a hard copy of the Gödel book — hopefully the version to be taken along to CUP along with the PDF file when they re-open next week. I’ve been tinkering with this second … Continue reading

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A Christmas card

All good wishes for a peaceful Christmas

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In the dunce’s corner …

I’m spending a bit of quality time in the dunce’s corner, having dashed off a ‘solution’ to a problem in propositional calculus (yes propositional calculus, for heaven’s sake) over at math.stackexchange and got it quite wrong. And as fate would … Continue reading

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Proof reading again …

I’m slowly working through the proof-reader’s corrections for Gödel Mark 2 (and re-reading the book carefully one last time as I go). So far, I’ve got through a quarter of the book, and CUP’s reader has found two tiny slips … Continue reading

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Weather report

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” Mark Twain’s remark applies in spades in Old England. Changeable or what? But one nice thing about retirement which they don’t tell you  — and I’m … Continue reading

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The Decline of the West, Episode 42

Here’s a very dispiriting new blog post by Tim Gowers about the dire state of school maths teaching in the UK. I’m a bit surprised, though, that he’s surprised by what he discovered (but then being in the happy situation of … Continue reading

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