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Gaps in the truth about truth according to Leon Horsten?

I very much like Leon Horsten’s The Tarskian Turn as an attempt to make more widely available some recent work on formal axiomatic theories of truth,  without scaring readers off by excessive technicality or by unnecessarily spelling out tricky proofs. Students … Continue reading

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The consistency of NF

Randall Holmes has now announced “I believe that I am in possession of a fairly accurate outline of a proof of the consistency of New Foundations.” He goes on to say “NF has the same consistency strength as TST + … Continue reading

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February 2013 concerts: Takacs and Pavel Haas Quartets

Just so you can’t complain if I later post rave reviews of concerts you didn’t know about …  The Takacs Quartet are going to be in Cambridge playing in the Camerata Musica season (the Hagen Quartet and András Schiff are also playing … Continue reading

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Set-theoretic excitements to come …

My friend Thomas Forster has posted an intriguing message to the FOM list, and some readers here might be interested. He writes that he is “in the process of assembling funding for a meeting to discuss and broadcast recent developments … Continue reading

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Teach yourself logic, #4: Beginning set theory (again)

Since my last post, I’ve had second thoughts. Given the number of books on set theory out there which are worth a mention at some point or other even in a very selective reading list, I’ve decided it would plainly … Continue reading

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Teach yourself logic, #4: Beginning set theory

Here, after rather a long gap, is another instalment in the “Teach Yourself Logic” series. For new readers: given the dire state of logic teaching in some grad schools in philosophy (especially in the UK), I’m trying to put together … Continue reading

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Postcard from Cambridge

Sometimes, at the beginning of the academic year, Cambridge goes into a grey sulk. But this year the weather has been wonderful, and walking or cycling across the common into town has been a delight. (Note the Red Poll cattle, … Continue reading

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Postcard from Berlin

We have been staying in Berlin with The Daughter (my first visit there since I crossed Europe in an A30 van with two friends as a student, driving through Checkpoint Charlie en route to Warsaw … but that was in … Continue reading

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Whoosh …!!!

No, no, that isn’t the sound of another deadline flying by. Can’t you hear the difference? It’s the cheerier noise made as a weighty email takes off and departs to the publisher, freighted with a PDF of Gödel Mark II. … Continue reading

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With a little help from my friends

All editing and no play makes Jack a very dull blogger. Sorry! Must do better. But I’ve promised to get the Gödel book off to CUP in ten days, so I’m doing a last read-through, mostly obsessing about minutiae, though … Continue reading

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