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Pavel Haas Quartet, Wigmore Hall

I’ve raved here about the Pavel Haas Quartet before. But we had another chance to see them live at the Wigmore Hall last night. And they were as terrific as ever. The Quartet were on fire from the start, playing … Continue reading

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Takács Quartet in Cambridge

The best string quartet now performing? Many think so. Their discography is astonishing. So it was a simply wonderful chance to hear the Takács Quartet live in Cambridge last night in the very intimate surroundings of the Peterhouse Theatre which … Continue reading

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IGT2: a spotter’s guide

So here’s how to spot IGT2 out in the wild, lurking shyly on the bookseller’s shelves, trying to hide its gaudy plumage … Distinctive yellow flashes, and quite a bright blue-green spine with white markings. Multi-coloured on the front. Thought … Continue reading

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Call for survey articles by philosophers in early career

Philosophia Mathematica seeks to publish half a dozen survey articles on current and emerging areas of interest in philosophy of mathematics written by early-career philosophers. If you are interested, please submit a 500-word sketch of the area that you propose … Continue reading

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Maria João Pires: intimacy and intensity

Suppose, just suppose, that one of the very greatest and most loved actors of his (or her) generation was tackling one of the high peaks of the repertoire, returning perhaps to a previous near-triumph with a quarter of a century’s … Continue reading

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TYL, #12. The Big Books — Goldstern and Judah 1995

Some 300 people have downloaded the February version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide, so I guess I’m not entirely wasting my energy. Sure, the Guide won’t be a particular exciting project for many: so I must try to get … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Logic, #11. New version of the Guide

Right. I really must get on with other work (in particular the task of writing exercises for the Gödel book awaits).  But, as an exercise in constructive procrastination I’ve just uploaded the February 2013 version of the Teach Yourself Logic … Continue reading

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