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TYL, #15. A major update to the Guide

The new April version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide is now available for downloading. This is re-organized and half as long again as the previous version. After the Introduction there is a short new Chapter 1 on Logical Geography … Continue reading

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Imogen Cooper plays Schubert, again

I have written here before about Imogen Cooper’s Schubert playing, and in particular about the wonderful series of three double-CDs from live concerts, released some three or more years ago. Well, on Wednesday we had the chance to hear her … Continue reading

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How do you like your proofs?

On his blog, Timothy Gowers has asked for comments on some variant proofs, three proofs apiece in response to five basic problems in the elementary theory of functions, continuity etc. (so the proofs will be accessible by anyone reading this … Continue reading

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Tennenbaum’s Theorem again

I have posted here a significantly revised version of a handout written a couple of years ago on how to prove Tennenbaum’s Theorem.  This new version should I hope be quite a lot clearer in various ways. Enjoy!

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IGT2 … and now available as an ebook

IGT2 is now available from here as an ebook (don’t ask me why it should be a trifle more expensive that the UK paperback … publishers’ pricing policies for e-editions generally is a mystery). Anyway, according to info on the site, … Continue reading

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TYL, #14. Alternative set theories

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work over the last couple of weeks for a major April update of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide (you can download the current March version here). And I’ve got to a subsection where I … Continue reading

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Coffee culture

When I was a lad, a long while since, the usual English alternative to tea seemed to be a beverage known as ‘milky coffee’. Black coffee was suspiciously foreign or downright louche — and indeed had to be drunk as … Continue reading

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