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Revisiting an old result of Hintikka’s

The pedagogic habit dies very hard. In recent months I’ve been hanging out quite a bit at, and answering logicky questions when the mood has taken me (which seems to have been quite often …). You can find over … Continue reading

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The consistency of NF: meeting in Cambridge

Back in October, I posted a slightly mysterious message noting that Thomas Forster was “in the process of assembling funding for a meeting to discuss and broadcast recent developments in NF” here in Cambridge this Easter. Then in November I was … Continue reading

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How do you like your proofs? Round 2 [update]

Even if you didn’t do Timothy Gowers’s questionnaire the first time around, you will be fascinated by his explanation of its hidden purpose and will want to do his follow-up poll. Update: And you will now be fascinated by Gowers’s report … Continue reading

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