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TYL, #16: The Teach Yourself Logic Guide again

Oh dear. I seem to have spent much more time than I meant over the last week revisiting various logic books and updating the Teach Yourself Logic Guide, and it seems to have somehow grown by another nine pages. So … Continue reading

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What do you think of Enderton’s Mathematical Introduction to Logic?

Now I’m back from my Bahamian break, I’m intermittently doing some reading, preparing for another version of the Teach Yourself Logic Guide to be put online at the end of the month. I’ve just been taking another look at Enderton’s … Continue reading

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Gödel Without Tears, again?

Last year, a couple of thousand people downloaded Gödel Without (too many) Tears, and the notes continue to be downloaded at the same rate. Which makes me think I could usefully update/expand the notes so that, for a start, they integrate … Continue reading

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Postcard from the Bahamas

Another year, another trip to the Bahamas. Familial duty trip. But these things need to be done, you understand. Just have to put up with the crowded beaches and leaden skies as you can see … Holiday reading so far: … Continue reading

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How relevant is relevant logic?

Review essays in the genre “Recent work in X” are often extremely useful, if only to confirm your suspicion that you can probably live pretty happily without getting too exercised about the latest lucubrations of X-ists. I’ve just read a … Continue reading

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An open problem about Rosser sentences?

Fix on a provability predicate Prov for a suitable theory T (there’s a lot of choices to make here, starting of course with a choice of Gödel coding). Then any Gödel sentence in the sense of a fixed point for … Continue reading

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