Postcard from the Bahamas

20130508-165013.jpgAnother year, another trip to the Bahamas. Familial duty trip. But these things need to be done, you understand. Just have to put up with the crowded beaches and leaden skies as you can see …

Holiday reading so far: Kate Atkinson, Emotionally Weird (not her best, I think, but laugh-out-loud funny); Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot (re-read with enormous pleasure); Ivan Turgenev, Rudin (Turgenev’s first novel, which I’d never read before; again not his best but I enjoyed it a lot); Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (decades since I read this: but surely comparatively over-rated, no?); currently Anthony Horowitz, The House of Silk (Holmes pastiche, huge fun). And no logic books.

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  1. David Auerbach says:

    Good on you.
    Did you read the New York Review of Books compendium of Holmesiana? Listed a whole slew of pastiches.

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