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I missed this exchange about Analysis …

I missed this exchange about Analysis, in which a couple of nice things are said about a certain one-time Editor. Heavens, though — what a time-consuming task that editing malarky was …

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‘The contemporary conception of logic’

Warren Goldfarb, in his paper ‘Frege’s conception of logic’ in The Cambridge Companion to Frege, announces that his ‘first task is that of delineating the differences between Frege’s conception of logic and the contemporary one’. And it is not a … Continue reading

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The Chiaroscuro Quartet … what can one say?

The Chiaroscuro Quartet have a second CD out now, of the Beethoven op. 95 “Serioso”, Mozart’s E flat K. 428 quartet, and Mozart’s Adagio and Fugue K. 546. The performances —  but perhaps especially of the Beethoven — all strike me … Continue reading

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The Development of Logic, Mk III?

It’s now just over fifty years since William and Martha Kneale’s The Development of Logic was first published. The book is still in print, and there remains nothing quite like it. There’s a very great deal of scholarship revealed in … Continue reading

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LaTeX for Logicians — any suggestions?

I’ve just been (belatedly) sprucing up LaTeX for Logicians again, and repairing a regrettable number of broken links. Some of those broken links were due to changes at CTAN;  but a few were due to people who had useful pages on … Continue reading

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