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GWT and TYL on hold …

A few weeks ago, I said I’d this month be starting to post weekly instalments of a new version of Gödel Without (too many) Tears, updating and expanding the previous version to match the new edition of the Gödel book. … Continue reading

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What Frege and Kripke didn’t tell you

Why is Venus star multinominous and called both Phosphorus and Vesper? Venus is multinominous, to give example to her prostitute disciples who so often, either to renew or refresh themselves towards lovers, or to disguise themselves from magistrates, are to … Continue reading

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A query about countability

Suppose we are working in an elementary  context where e.g. we don’t want to rush to invoke infinitary choice principles, and want to keep background assumptions modest. What should our attitude be to the idea of countability? Countability is defined … Continue reading

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Aldous Huxley being prescient (almost)

Here’s Aldous Huxley writing in 1936: To a considerable extent browsing has become,  for almost all of us, an addiction, like cigarette-smoking. We browse, most of the time, not because we wish to instruct ourselves, not because we long to … Continue reading

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